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The LSA launches Citizen — a magazine for everybody engaged in the challenge of creating the future city

In July this year, we proudly launched Citizen magazine over at Second Home London Fields. Published by the London School of Architecture, Citizen is a new quarterly magazine for everybody engaged in the challenge of creating the future city.

The first magazine to address design not in terms of visual aesthetics but as a transformative force, Citizen promotes, challenges and develops ideas that build on the mission of the LSA – to allow people living in cities to have more fulfilled and more sustainable lives.

Citizen sets out to come up with cross-disciplinary proposals and ideas from across urbanism, architecture, design, finance, economics, planning, sustainability, anthropology, sociology, transport and policy – and to bridge the gap between academic, professional and popular audiences.

Born of the belief that today we suffer from a crisis of imagination and not resources, Citizen aims to connect all those engaged with the future of the city with stimulating insights from a world bristling with new knowledge and ideas. The aim is to connect different areas of thought and knowledge to produce holistic solutions to the issues that impact on the quality of urban life.

Our first issue features student work, research, interviews with some of the city’s key thinkers, movers and shakers and much more.


Read Citizen over at citizen-mag.org

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