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The 2019 Summer Show introduces our third cohort of graduating students and describes their proposals for architecture to make new connections between people, ideas and places.

Exploring the London Borough of Southwark, somewhere with some of the starkest physical and social contrasts, students have interrogated who shapes the city and what is the role of the architect in this process — a line of questioning evidenced in their proposals.

Today as the city looks for new opportunities to grow and develop, these talented emerging architects illustrate ideas for reinventing many of the buildings along its route through the form of models, prototypes, drawings and manifestos.

The title, ‘Hereafter’, reflects the ambition of this year’s graduating cohort. Presenting a beginning rather than an end, the projects are seen as the start of a career, asking pressing questions of contemporary London. This is just the start.


Show dates: 21 June – 4 July 2019,  Everyday, 10.00-18.00