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Preview: The Content Commuter by Joe Walker

Completed in the winter term 2018, here we take a first look at the design ideas emerging in the current Proto-Practice Year

In Second Year – our Proto-Practice Year – students develop individual thesis design projects. To commence the year, each student undertakes the module Architectural Design: Speculation, where they test their design approach through a specific proposal.

Here, current student Joe Walker’s objective is to enable people to develop emotional intelligence through the expansion of The School of Life and the reinterpretation of transport infrastructure, giving people the tools to tackle redundancy, failing relationships and anxiety issues.

This project will be developed over the coming two terms and will be exhibited at the Summer Show in 2019. Click below to see more projects from current students.

Annecy Attlee

Tom Badger

Michael Cradock

William Bellamy

Maelys Garreau

A new typology of station looks to reinvent the typically stressful routine of commuting by prioritising emotional education and wellbeing over efficiency, turning routine into ritual. The station integrates a new headquarters and central institution for The School of Life.
New plan forms, liturgies and circulations have been explored through the physical collage of existing plans. This is following the method set out by the original concept visual which explores how architectural language might provide identity for a new type of institution.
The idea that the commute can be a time for congregation is potentially a naive one. The alternative is a moment of isolation, seclusion and retreat. A sculpted seat, space for one person could be the one opportunity for reflection.
Continuing a process of collage, the reinterpretation of Rachel Whiteread’s Untitled (Paperbacks) has become a monument to knowledge. This is also an architectural representation of The School of Life’s approach to emotional and philosophical education – they commonly use art and cultural references in order to understand the questions of everyday life. A monument to knowledge might start to remind the commuter that there is a near infinite field of references to turn to.
A road bridge seeks to make a bold connection towards Camberwell whilst offering the opportunity for pedestrianisation of the road. This also extends the time an individual spends within the station, creating an ascension and elongated journey – allowing for perspective and calm.
The School of Life regularly hold conferences, that require spaces for hundreds of people. The bus depot to the south of the railway offers a large enough space for an amphitheatre typology. The outer drum contains public space that responds to the needs of the Southwark Area Plan requiring a public square, in the event of development in the area.
Amalgamation of elements.