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Preview: Queer Southwark by Michael Cradock

Completed in the winter term 2018, here we take a first look at the design ideas emerging in the current Proto-Practice Year

In Second Year – our Proto-Practice Year – students develop individual thesis design projects. To commence the year, each student undertakes the module Architectural Design: Speculation, where they test their design approach through a specific proposal.

Here, current student Michael Cradock’s project looks at creating a queer space in Southwark that fosters a romantic, friendly, neighbourly, creative, collaborative atmosphere, focusing on sides aspects of queerness that are often overlooked. 

This project will be developed over the coming two terms and will be exhibited at the Summer Show in 2019. Click below to see more projects from current students.

Annecy Attlee

Tom Badger

Joe Walker

William Bellamy

Maelys Garreau


Across London there have been widespread closures of dedicated queer spaces, such as bars and clubs, at the same time as the emergence of charity-led community centres. These two types of spaces concentrate on the poles of queer life — the most fun and the least fun — and ignore the spectrum in between. Interaction within the queer community is often sexualised, for example through Grindr, and the romantic, friendly, neighbourly, creative, collaborative or business side of queerness is ignored.
Undercroft plan.
Undercroft + Lavatories.
Long section.
Station Edifice.
Waiting room.