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The 2018/19 Critical Practice Reader is now online

As part of the Critical Practice Placement module for this year, Director of Critical Practice at the LSA, James Soane, has compiled a list of texts for students to read. The document includes excerpts and articles from world leading thinkers, commentators and academics, including staff at the LSA, all of which has been put together using open source material gathered online.

As Soane notes in his introduction:

There is no single or correct standpoint. The purpose of Critical Practice is to understand judgement, to construct compelling arguments with evidence and to form a position that contributes toward change. Theory in architecture is most pertinent when it informs our practices. And therefore you need to read, listen, learn and to write.


In order to make sense of the conflicting forces that inform the production of our environment, we need to understand better the practices
of architecture. The pedagogic model that underpins the LSA is to encourage collisions between grounded ideologies that inform how architects work, with readings and theories whose purpose is to provoke, re-frame and take on our own embedded prejudices. Only by learning from each other can we begin to imagine alternative roadmaps towards the future.

You can find the Critical Practice Reader in full here.