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Idencity: Six design proposals from the LSA to change the identity of London

Drawing a diagram as part of his work with the Design Think Tank, Metabolic Cities, as a method for exploring the impact design might have on health.

The first exhibition of the LSA’s Design Think Tanks opens on 4 June at the Roca London Gallery.

Idencity brings together young people and leading architects to reimagine the city. First Year students from the LSA worked closely with architects from the school’s Practice Network to create bold ideas to address the UN Sustainable Development goals, and in the process change the identity of London.

Also addressing the London Festival of Architecture theme ‘identity’, the proposals emerged after an intensive four-month period by the LSA’s Design Think Tanks. Ideas range from super-dense neighbourhoods of high-quality housing, to new forms of civic architecture to enable democratic decision-making; alongside inspiring ideas for transport infrastructure that creates economic growth.

Under the overall leadership of LSA Director of Inter-Practice, Deborah Saunt, each of the six Design Think Tanks has addressed at least two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: ‘a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity’.

Design Think Tanks are a distinctive part of the LSA and demonstrate the creative potential of young people working with the London’s leading architects. Groupings of practices within the Practice Network share a research question for each academic year. The project is led by a nominated practice leader and developed by all the students on a placement within the Design Think Tank.

Design Think Tanks are: Adaptive Typologies, Architecture Agency, Emerging Tools, Global Currents, Metabolic City and New Knowledge.


4 June – 11 August, Roca London Gallery