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Indoor Jungle, a view of 2018 graduate Lisa McDanell’s final project

The 2018 Summer Show introduces our second cohort of graduating students and describes their proposals for architecture to make new connections between people, ideas and places.

Taking London’s largest subterranean river the River Fleet as a starting point, students explore the rise, fall and revitalisation of the city as part and parcel of urban life. In Roman times, the Fleet was a major river meeting the Thames just to the east of Somerset House and as London grew, it became a sewer and a magnet for poor-quality housing, industry and prisons. Finally, it was hidden entirely and largely forgotten. Today as the city looks for new opportunities to grow and develop, these talented emerging architects illustrate ideas for reinventing many of the buildings along its route through the form of models, prototypes, drawings and manifestos.

Additional displays show models for a future London by the LSA Practice Network, Critical Practice Manifestos and Drawing Matter Sketchbooks.

Show opening dates: 22 – 26 Jun 2018,  10.00-18.00 (Fri 11.00-20.00)