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The First Two Years – a new film about the LSA

A film has been released to mark the first two years of the LSA. Students, Faculty members and leading architects comment on our unique model and explain why we are setting a new agenda for architectural education.

We are still welcoming applications for our Diploma in Designing Architecture from pioneering candidates. In September 2018 we will have 40 places for our fourth cohort of students, who will join us in developing a new school that, according the AJ’s Paul Finch, combines high standards and innovation.


Deborah Saunt, former LSA Director of Inter-Practice (now Trustee): ‘The school is a really unique collaboration between the LSA as an institution and about 50-60 (and the number is growing) practices within our network. These are practices who are committed to the ideals of the LSA, of creating really propositional, relevant and entrepreneurial architects for the future’.


Sarah Castle, IF_DO: ‘We’re coming out of an era of starchitects. The new generation is more interested in a generosity of spirit in architecture. The LSA really embodies that, and the student cohort are really addressing the issue of civic-ness’.


James Soane, LSA Research Director: ‘The LSA is about taking risks in the real world’.


George Wade, aLL Design: ‘The type of student that is starting to come out of the LSA feels like a robust student, one that seems to have a project which covers so many different angles. The whole financial aspect, the planning and social aspects are covered alongside more traditional methodologies’.


Watch the film below and contact us to find out more, or apply here today.