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We are still welcoming applications for 2018 from pioneering candidates who are looking for an alternative to traditional architectural education. This year we have 40 places for our fourth cohort of students, who will join us in developing a new school that, according the AJ’s Paul Finch, combines high standards and innovation.

The LSA believes that architects have a critical role to play in shaping the world in the 21st century. Our school has been established to explore and promote all the ways that architects can contribute positively to the built environment – to offer spatial leadership and to create work that is propositional, relevant, innovative, metropolitan and entrepreneurial.

LSA faculty members, practices and students are working together on this mission. Recent examples include the World Urban Forum event hosted by our Deputy Director, Lara Kinneir; and a series of articles by LSA alumni for the Evening Standard calling for a revolution in how London deals with its rubbish.

We want to prepare our students, not only for the profession of today, but of tomorrow. In order to rise to this challenge, our unique approach places a premium on architecture’s relationship to the city; collaboration as a working method; a research-based dialogue with practice; and a mission to establish a design identity and creative purpose within each individual student.

We want the architecture that our students – and ultimately our graduates – produce to be intimately related to the shifts in human behaviour that are emerging in this era of rapid change, and to design new forms of spatial organisation that are triggered by – and in turn provide an armature for – new patterns of living. And we want you to join us on this journey!


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