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LSA sets the agenda at the World Urban Forum

The LSA’s Deputy Director Lara Kinneir will host an event on urban design governance at the World Urban Forum on 8 February in Kuala Lumpur.

This event seeks to address the urban paradigm shift that is required to deliver the New Urban Agenda. It will focus on the governance and design process of cities by showcasing new design governance models and education programmes. Through presentations and discussion, the event will address the following questions:

– What models of design governance are city leaders and stakeholders using and to what effect?

– What is the role of the expert within governance?

– How can you implement multistakeholder partnerships between public, private and civic sectors?

– How can education support innovation in design governance?

Building on the work of the existing Urban Governance Thematic Hub in the UN-Habitat University Network Initiative (UNI) and specifically addressing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 and 17, experts from governance, practice and academia will present case studies that address a number of challenges to innovative design governance. Reflecting on these examples, the session will consider the potential for educational institutions to provide a third sector platform to facilitate the collaboration of the many city stakeholders that have a role in the design and development of the city. A new online platform, ‘Atlas of Design Governance’ will be launched at the event, where participants can showcase their work and join a global network of design governance models and education programmes, supported by the UN Habitat University Network Initiative.