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The outcome of our first year module, Critical Practice: Theory, is a manifesto where students argue for an ideal of how they would like to practise. Their Critical Practice Manifesto relates contemporary practice to theories and ideas from within architecture and beyond it, examining the role of the architect in larger contexts, from the construction industry and the creative economy through to humanity and the geosphere. The production of a Critical Practice Manifesto articulates a personal statement of intent about how the student wishes to operate in the future.

Here you can read five of the best manifestos that have been produced so far:


Architecture Against Neoliberalism by Ben Breheny


Fake news: 5 articles addressing a theme by Robin Chatwin


Vibrant Natures: a primer for integrating nature into the city with architecture as the tool by Jack Idle


Sponsored Content: a glossary for post-digital architecture by Dawa Pratten


For Future Folklores by Milly Salisbury