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The London School of Architecture is recruiting exceptional candidates to join our school in the roles of Assistant Director and Second Year Design Tutors

The assistant director will work closely with the director to establish the school as a leading architectural institution in London, developing key relationships with organisations and individuals, and communicating original content about the design of our future architecture and cities. The role’s key responsibilities are to:

  • develop and maintain relationships with the LSA’s Practice Network, which includes over 50 London-based firms
  • organise public programme such as lectures and building visits
  • manage the LSA’s online presence by selecting and writing features for its website and curating its social media platforms with original content
  • organise and write a termly newsletter, and press releases on key activities
  • develop and implement an alumni programme, which will establish long-term relationships with this year’s first and subsequent graduates
  • develop and implement an outreach/recruitment programme that seeks to widen access to the profession of architecture
  • take a leading role in the curation of the end-of-year summer show and the production/editing of the annual magazine
  • assist the director with fundraising activities and be an effective ambassador for the school within the industry
  • manage the school’s IT requirements

For full information on the role of Assistant Director click here


Second Year Design Tutors teach half a day per week on Tuesday afternoons for the duration of three terms. Appointments are for one academic year, which may be extended on a rolling basis for up to three academic years. Candidates should have considerable experience in practice and at least two years’ teaching experience i.e. not just as a visiting critic. Applicants should:

  • subscribe to the mission for the school and be able to make a critical contribution to it
  • have at least two years’ experience of teaching design i.e. not just as a visiting critic
  • be available to teach on Tuesday afternoons in central London
  • be practising in London, in your own practice or as an employee

For full information on the role of Second Year Design Tutor click here


The London School of Architecture is committed to equality and we value the diversity of our staff and students. We would welcome applications from female and BAME candidates for these roles.