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Peter Buchanan giving a lecture on The Big Rethink, which was published in The Architectural Review
Peter Buchanan giving a lecture on The Big Rethink, which was published in The Architectural Review

Commencing on 6 December, Peter Buchanan – author of The Big Rethink – will give a series of eight public lectures that are free to attend

The series recognises that we are in a period of massive change brought on by many factors including technological developments, systemic breakdown (most obviously in climate change) and shifts in human values. The mechanistic reductionism and fragmentation of knowledge into specialist silos that characterised the modern age is proving inadequate to the complexly interlinked nature of the problems we face.

Drawing on contemporary modes of thought that have yet to penetrate architectural thinking, this lecture series will offer tools to better understand and deal with forthcoming challenges. It will introduce a 21st century strain of thought/theory, which includes developmental thinking and Integral theory, to provide a rigorous, inclusive and synthesising framework to go beyond Systems Holism and other modes of thought often mistaken for the leading edge of contemporary thought.

This framework will provide the critical leverage to understand and assess current and future developments in ideas and architecture. It will thereby provide and expanded view of sustainability that deals with the subjective psycho-cultural issues (from whence will come the motivation to at last take effective action) as well as the very necessary objective issues of technology and ecology that are the current focus of attention.

Confirmed dates for the series are:


  • Tuesday 6 December 2016
  • Monday 16 January 2017
  • Wednesday 1 February 2017
  • Wednesday 8 February 2017
  • Monday 27 February 2017
  • Tuesday 7 March 2017

The lectures start at 1815 and are hosted at the Gallery, Alan Baxter Associates, 75 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL. Admission is free but places are limited so registration is required. Please RSVP: events@the-lsa.org