Yasmin Lokat


Yasmin grew up in Shropshire and completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Westminster where she was able to investigate the revival of London’s lost relationship with the River Thames. Captivated by the city as a platform to explore the urban charm, the LSA is a perfect fit for her. Following on from her year-out placement at Aukett Swanke, Yasmin was invited to continue her time with the practice at LSA, working on a range of projects where she developed a particular interest in the safeguarding of historical assets in the city.

Yasmin’s interests lie in the inclusion of users in the production of architecture and this concern for social responsibility led to a collaboration with friends to fundraise and construct an orphanage in Malawi. With a love for idiosyncratic designs, Yasmin always looks to embrace the playful side of architecture.

When she’s not working both she and her sister share a love for crafts, flowers, and weddings which culminate in Bits and Blooms where they create lush walls of flowers.