Teresa Warner

Teresa graduated from UCA in 2020 with a First Class in BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB / RIBA Part 1), and has since set up Studio 4rchitects and began working at Clive Sall Architecture. After having studied in Barcelona she discovered a deep interest in urban design and sustainability, both of which heavily inform her architectural decisions at university as well as professionally. 


In her final year, Teresa’s thesis project, Foro Del Raval won an award for excellence. The project explored the unfinished Olympic regeneration of the dilapidated neighbourhood of El Raval, shining light on the inequalities rife in the area, while improving the residents’ quality of life through the introduction of a cultural and educational centre. 


Teresa often draws on her Czech and German heritage, with a keen interest in dystopian Soviet architecture and city planning as well as the Bauhaus School, exploring this further in her own work.