Pierre Longhini


Pierre was born in Milan but grew up in Paris, Singapore and Geneva. After graduating with honours in 2016 from the Athenaeum School of Architecture in Lausanne, he started working for Itten+Brechbuehl SA in Geneva as an Architectural Assistant and Construction Manager. He then moved to London and began working for Stiff+Trevillion Architects before starting his first year at the LSA.

During his studies, he developed a keen interest in the potential of ethnic, cultural and historic research in projects such as a civic centre in Banani, Mali, or a food related centre in the valley of Valais, Switzerland.
A travel lover and early expatriate, his different experiences abroad have forged his critical mind and personality. Always passionate even at a very young age, he dedicates most of his time to his two passions, music and architecture. This passion duality, which defines him, has always helped him question his architectural choices with a sense of musicality and vice versa. While at the LSA, Pierre is currently working at ONE WORKS.