Nicholas Shewan


Nicholas began as an interior designer in Cape Town, South Africa, and received a Diploma in Interior Design from BHC School of Design. After working in the industry for two years he decided architecture was where his path lay. He attended a small course in Biomimicry before enrolling at the University of Cape Town. While studying he worked as an intern at Darryl Croome Architects. In February 2016 he was accepted for an internship position at Foster + Partners, where he worked with three separate studios and had the opportunity to work on projects, in Jeddah, London and Dubai. In March 2017 he began working at Pascall + Watson with the Airport Planning Team. This was a challenging experience considering the vast amount of new knowledge he had to acquire in order to effectively assist in the planning of extensions to Birmingham International Airport, Glasgow International Airport and Schiphol International Airport. Nicholas’s dream is to integrate architecture within eco-systems in order to create a harmonious balance between the built environment and the natural world. He believes such a change will create cities which are vibrant, economically prosperous, healthy and happy.