Daniel Booth


Dan graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2016 with First Class Honours. Since then, he has gained experience in both large and small practices. While at the LSA, he worked for TDO Architecture, where he was involved with a multitude of projects at varying scales, from a Clerkenwell Design Week installation to a large scale housing scheme in Bristol.

He was part of the Emerging Tools Design Think Tank which proposed an alternative model for sustainable urban development, focusing on responsible food production. The project was published by BBC Good Food, FutureArc and Citizen magazine.

His thesis project focused on the redevelopment of existing structures and how social engagement through design can form a safer community. He situated the project in The Stratford Centre in the year 2050, when the shopping complex became redundant.

Outside of architecture, Dan enjoys making furniture as well as designing and fitting out his narrowboat, where he lives with his partner and his forever growing plant collection.