• Generate architectural proposals that respond to the challenges and opportunities of our times
  • Prepare talented graduates for the architectural profession of tomorrow
  • Make architectural education more affordable, and therefore more accessible
  • Create a network for practitioners to develop their creative and critical interests
  • Offer a platform within the industry to connect academia and practice
  • Publish provocative and influential design research for global dissemination
  • Act as nimble agents of change within the capital city of London


  • Proactive – able to anticipate future obstacles and desires and develop effective spatial strategies in response to them
  • Responsible – having a mature awareness of your duties in the scholarly, professional, urban and global spheres of your work
  • Intrepid – being fearless, daring and bold in your actions as a designer, thinker and operator; being comfortable with ambiguity
  • Mutable – being open to change, and seeing education not as the mere acquisition of skills, but as a personal process of empowerment
  • Experimental – having a genuine desire to take risks, to create work that is testing something, and not to be afraid of the results


  • Propositional – because it is too easy just to critique: what are you as an architect going to do about it?
  • Relevant – because we’d rather ask the right and difficult questions, than come up with the answer to the wrong and easy ones
  • Innovative – because we have a curiosity and restlessness about how architectural culture and production can evolve
  • Metropolitan – because we are immersed in the critical mass and mess of a complex and conflicted world city
  • Entrepreneurial – because we constantly seek new ways of operating and are open to ideas from outside architecture