The London School of Architecture is a new venture in architectural education

From October 2015, the LSA seeks to offer a part 2 accredited programme that will unite students and practitioners in innovative design and critical research.

The LSA is seeking practices

The London School of Architecture (LSA) is currently seeking expressions of interest from practices who are potentially interested in joining the LSA Network. We are looking for practices to perform a number of roles in the school, which will have different levels of engagement and time commitments.

Research Clusters
The LSA is looking for around 25 practice placements for its first year students. First years will be salaried part-time employees of the practice, who must be assigned with a Practice Mentor (PMs) who will guide their progress throughout the year. All the practices will join an inter-practice Research Cluster (RCs), and the subject areas for these will be generated by the practices themselves. In exceptional circumstances, it would also be possible for smaller practices who are unable to host a first year student to join an RC.

Thesis Groups
The second year thesis projects will be taught by practices from the LSA network. The chosen practices will lead Thesis Groups (TGs) of around six students, which can be easily taught in a morning, afternoon, or evening slot, to fit in with a busy practitioner’s schedule. We would be looking for practices to commit to the TG role for either one or two years. As there are only four TGs per year, and anything over 25 practices in the LSA Network, we want to rotate the teaching practices often, so that those who want to teach get the opportunity. However, practices who do not wish to teach a TG are very welcome to join the LSA Network and participate in the life of the school in other ways.

Getting in touch
If you would like to make an expression of interest in joining the LSA Network, or you would like any further information, please contact